Monday, April 6, 2009

How to use Making Trousers: The DVD

Introducing Making Trousers: The DVD from David Coffin on Vimeo.

Here's a detailed look at how to use the DVD-ROM that's included with my new book, what's in it, and some tips on making the most of Adobe Reader, the PDF viewer that you'll need to use, along with QuickTime from Apple, if you want to access the video content within the DVD.

The book is called:

Making Trousers for Men and Women: A Multimedia Sewing Workshop

It'll be released in Summer, 2009.

You can check it out and preorder at Amazon now.

For more info and a more active blog, go to:
DPC on Making Trousers

That's where I'll be making further posts, answering questions, encouraging reader submissions, and introducing new material. This blog will remain primarily for showing the above video and for any additional info about using the DVD.

For Adobe Reader, go to:
Get Acrobat Reader

For Apple QuickTime, go to:
Get QuickTime