Monday, April 6, 2009

How to use Making Trousers: The DVD

Introducing Making Trousers: The DVD from David Coffin on Vimeo.

Here's a detailed look at how to use the DVD-ROM that's included with my new book, what's in it, and some tips on making the most of Adobe Reader, the PDF viewer that you'll need to use, along with QuickTime from Apple, if you want to access the video content within the DVD.

The book is called:

Making Trousers for Men and Women: A Multimedia Sewing Workshop

It'll be released in Summer, 2009.

You can check it out and preorder at Amazon now.

For more info and a more active blog, go to:
DPC on Making Trousers

That's where I'll be making further posts, answering questions, encouraging reader submissions, and introducing new material. This blog will remain primarily for showing the above video and for any additional info about using the DVD.

For Adobe Reader, go to:
Get Acrobat Reader

For Apple QuickTime, go to:
Get QuickTime


  1. So. . .what's the pricepoint going to be?

  2. $24.99 for the book/DVD package; or $16.49 at Amazon.
    Sorry, ames; should have provided a link to Amazon; fixed!

  3. Have you taken this video down? I can not view it. It looks like it loads then the "screen" just goes black and the counter stays at 00:00.

  4. It's working fine from my computer; just watched it again…

    There's a shorter version at youtube:

    And you can go directly to it at Vimeo:

    Good luck!

  5. This book and DVD spectacular and the added
    slack pictures great stuff,Vintage & buttons
    what a pleasure to see ciao

  6. I bought a book with DVD and DVD does not play in Quicktime as TrouserDVD file was saved as .pdf.
    It (.pdf) is not recognisable movie format.

  7. Hi, vykman

    Sorry if this isn't clear from the video above. You need to use Adobe Reader to open the DVD contents, and to have QuickTIme installed on your computer, too, to see the videos on it once it's opened in Reader.


  8. Is there video content on the DVD? I can't find anything except the content page in the PDF and the links don't work. Is it defective?

  9. Make sure you're opening the PDF in Adobe Reader, latest version, and have Apple QuickTime, also latest version, installed and working. No exceptions; these are the ONLY apps that will allow all the DVD functions to work. Let me know if that doesn't help; good luck!

  10. I am so happy with my purchase of this book/DVD. I also purchased the shirtmaking book and CD. I feel these are the best decisions that I have ever made in purchasing sewing help. And it's so nice to know that I can interact with you. The effort that you put into this project is obvious. Thanks so much for what you have done.

  11. Thanks, Sherma; I'm delighted to hear it! Please feel free to write whenever, if any questions come up, or for any reason.

    Have fun!

  12. (There's a direct email link to me on the DVD, in the gallery pages…)

  13. HI David,

    My girlfriend needs to view the pdf video content on a Ipad. Is there any place where i can find the video content zo she can play it on the Ipad? The Ipad only shows the text and doesn't support embedded video.


    1. Hi Guido

      Sorry, the videos aren't online anywhere separately (that I know of!). But if you or she will contact me via email we can probably figure out some workaround that suits us all. As noted above there's a direct email link to me on the DVD, and also in my blogger profile.

  14. Hello David, I've had Making Trousers for a number of years & I've only just now read it from cover to cover. Love it & your Shirtmaking book as well! Oh yes, I've also purchased your Shirtmaking Craftsy Class. My question is about the Trouser Making companion DVD. QuickTime for Windows is no longer supported by Apple & recommends uninstalling the program for security reasons. Will you re-format & re-issue the DVD? At the moment I want to read & watch the section on keyhole buttonholes. Perhaps you can direct me to a link on your blog about your technique? Thanks a million! Gail Kelly

  15. Hi Gail, and sorry about the Quicktime problem! But there's a better solution to the problem than trying to make your disk work or me reformating it. Turns out it's been quite a while since the publisher has stopped shipping DVDs with the trouser book and has put all the DVD contents online for book owners, so if you'll just email me directly,, I'll hook you up with the online version. It's exactly the same as what's on the disk.

  16. …and glad to hear you're enjoying the book and my other offerings, too: thanks!

  17. Excellent! I will email you directly. Thank you so much for answering my inquiry so quickly!